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Welcome to Françoise V

We are an online fine art gallery showcasing Françoise's African Inspired Artworks. At Françoise V, we're passionate about bringing you a collection of exquisite African art that reflects the richness, diversity, and beauty of the continent. Blending art, travel, and photography, Françoise’s work weaves together the extraordinary stories of the most unique people, places, cultures, nature, and wildlife of Africa.

AFRICAS Untamed Beauty

In honor of Africa, a continent renowned for its natural wonders and diverse wildlife, we invite you to embark on a captivating artistic journey into the mesmerizing world of Francoise V's Fine Art. Get ready to immerse yourself in the raw simplicity and breathtaking beauty that is intricately connected to Africa's soul.

INTIMATE Minimalism

With a delicate interplay of soft palettes inspired by the African landscape, each artwork unveils an intimate minimalism that draws you into the captivating beauty of this magical wonderland.

Francoise V's artworks effortlessly capture the essence of Africa, allowing you to bring a piece of its allure into your own home.


All artworks are hand-signed giclee prints, printed on high-quality fine art archival paper or canvas. The print results of this medium meet the highest artistic standards. Artworks can be purchased as a print only and framing is available upon request.


WE SHIP Worldwide

The artwork prints are rolled and safely packaged into art tubes, together with the image of the artwork across the front of the tube. This way ensuring the prints are kept safe while on their way to you, or until you get your new artwork to the framers.


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MEET the artist

I want to share with the world the beauty of Africa and the natural world through the art of photography. I hope that through my visual storytelling, people will find an appreciation for the natural world and collectively work towards preserving it.



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