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Francoise V's fine art photography reflect her wild love affair with Africa. Blending art, travel and photography, Françoise’s work weaves together the extraordinary stories of the most unique people, places, cultures and wildlife of Africa.


Capturing the extraordinary beauty of wildlife, nature and untamed cultures. Artwork prints are all hand signed by Francoise V herself, and printed on high quality fine art archival papers. 

This series is a celebration of Wild Africa And it's Extraordinary Creatures

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This series is a celebration of the mysterious and forgotten ethnic cultures around Kenya.

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This series is a celebration of the beautiful and mystical cattle of Africa, symbols of peace and prosperity.

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Raw Elements is a body of work celebrating the captivating, simplistic beauty of mother natures creations.

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Endurance is a body of work celebrating the strength and the richness of the human spirit.

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Fleeting Moments is a body of work highlighting the beauty of moments in life. As we journey through life, every moment that passes us by is merely a fleeting moment, often the beauty overlooked.

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This series is a celebration of the love I have for the ocean.

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Worldwide Delivery

The artwork prints are rolled in art tubes where they will be safe until you take it to the framers. This also makes it easy to travel back home with your new print or for us to ship it directly to your front door.

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Hi, I'm Françoise V

I'm a Cape Town-based photographer, although I travel worldwide. My love for Africa fuels a passion for the wilderness, natural splendour, cultures and the beauty of Africa and wild places.