Wildlife Collection.

Fleeting Moments is a body of work highlighting the beauty of moments in life. As we journey through life, every moment that passes us by is merely a fleeting moment, often the beauty overlooked.

As a young girl, I often dreamt I could fly. Swinging on my swing with all my might, I imagined letting go and soaring through the skies. In my mind's eye, I could journey anywhere I pleased, experiencing a sense of liberation and an exhilarating zest for life as I traversed this wondrous world of boundless beauty.

The Fleeting Moments collection is, to me, a profound celebration of life itself. Each moment in time is a fleeting moment, never to be replicated in exactly the same way again. Life is forever changing, and it is this essence that I sought to encapsulate in my artworks. By utilizing a slow shutter speed, I aimed to convey the dynamic interplay of movement and transformation, particularly evident in the graceful dance of birds as they adorn the skies. Every flutter as if a brush stroke against a cerulean canvas.

Crafting these artworks, if I may be candid, is a process of trial and error. It requires a delicate dance of experimentation. From fine-tuning the camera settings to harmonizing the camera's movement with the graceful flight of the birds, and ensuring precision in capturing the perfect focal points, every step presents its challenges. Yet, amidst this intricate process and play, there are moments of triumph when everything aligns seamlessly, resulting in a perfect capture of the fleeting beauty before me.

One of the cherished aspects of creating these artworks is the involvement of my daughter in the artistic process. Since she was a young child, I would observe flocks of birds congregated on the beach. Guiding her gently, I'd encourage her to sneak up on the birds quietly, positioning them strategically between us, ensuring I was in the right position for optimal lighting and composition. I'd signal my readiness, and with gleeful enthusiasm, she would dart towards the birds, prompting them to take flight in my direction. This shared game became a precious memory etched in my heart, forever capturing the joy in her lively pursuit of those fleeting, feathered muses.

This collection embodies the transformative moment when we unfurl our wings and soar into the unknown. It serves as a poignant reminder to embrace life wholeheartedly, to chase our dreams with unwavering faith, and to revel in the belief that we, too, can fly.