Handwritten Letters

Handwritten Letters

Handwritten letters, for me, are something that should never be forgotten. There's something magical that happens when we put pen to paper. An authenticity of genuine words, that can't and never will be found in text messages or emojis'. It touches you differently, words with meaning that will never be forgotten. You used to receive love letters, feel that excitement and warm fuzzy feeling as you moved across the words, an experience significantly different from opening a text. It didn't even have to say much to have an enormous impact. If u were like me, you kept everything, from your personal writing to those that were gifted to you. Memoirs of your experiences and the people that touched your heart. The things that matter at the end. One day maybe old and grey you will get to look back on. Nowadays, you get a text hidden behind a mask, an emoji ensuring no vulnerability which gets lost in the atmosphere - it's not the same and never will be. You are lucky if you receive a card for your birthday with a handwritten note in it saying have a great day.

It's a pastime, something that honestly should never die. I've always written even if just little things here and there, but not everyone shares the same sentiment and after a while, my efforts have faded. I sometimes wonder if you were to receive a letter today, would it express the same things you hear your loved ones say or would it be deeper, have more meaning, and be more authentic. Would it touch you in places that haven't been touched in a long time?

I still print postcards of my artworks in the hope to keep this beautiful act alive. When was the last time you thought about something lovely about someone or felt immensely grateful for someone? Do yourself a favor and do it, whether two lines, a short novel or a poem. Post it, slip it in a handbag or leave it in their favorite book. Nothing compares to a handwritten message just for you. The sentimental, genuine feeling of being loved, being romantic, and the authentic is gradually dying all around us. Keep it alive and imprint words on someone's heart that will stay there forever

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